Coron, Palawan

By tim

Coron city and Coron Island are part of the Calamian Group of islands in the northern part of Palawan.  Coron city is located on Busuanga Island, the largest island of the group.  Coron island is near Coron city, a short banca ride away in Coron Bay.  When people refer to “Coron” they are often referring to the Calamian Group of many islands, not just Coron island.

The islands are some of the most amazing in all of the Philippines.  Limestone peaks and cliffs, great snorkling and scuba diving (including fresh water, cave and wreck), beautiful lagoons and a wildlife sanctuary make this one of the most desired nature holiday destinations in the world.

These photos were taken over several trips between 1999 and 2004.  The shots taken on the ship were on the WG&A ferry between Manila and Coron where we had an individual suite (it was an overnight voyage).  The horses were from a group that offered horseback riding activities.

Many of the photos were taken with a first generation digital camera so the image quality is not up to today’s standards.  Minor white balance correction on most of these photos has helped, but not much we can do about limited color depth and resolution.

Well, except to schedule a return trip to take more photos!

Coron, Palawan, Mimaropa, 5316, Philippines