Back home in the islands - and loving it!

I returned back to my home in the Philippines at the end of 2021.   We call Estancia and Isla Gigantes in North Eastern Panay Island home.  Information on our move back, the travel business we are building, our IT and Education work, and lots of pictures can be found here.

Life in the Philippines

Life in the Philippines is very different from other places we have lived. We write about past and current life, events and travel here.


I'm working with many projects including our new Philippine sites,, and


My galleries mostly focus on Philippine travel but also include some of our past International travel and experiences.

Working Together

If any of the projects we're working on here look interesting or if you would like to work with us please let me know.  I'm easy to reach - just check on my Contact page for phone, email and social networking links.  Specific information on partnering can usually be found on the project websites.