We currently are involved in many (perhaps too many) projects.   All of these share a common Internet focus, so not surprisingly one of our constant background activities is the maintenance and expansion of our datacenter operations (currently located in Hong Kong).  We have our own dedicated set of servers providing web, DNS, email and other services for both our projects and select clients.   More information about our technology focused sites can be found over at Tim’s Place.

My work is focused on our upcoming travel business.   We’re working on putting together the initial sites and business plan for what we hope to be an expanding business focused on highlighting the wonderful and exotic locations in and around the Philippines.

Connie’s Place

This site.  This is the first site that we are putting together in support of our travel work.  We are using this site not only to present a nice personal site but also to prototype and work out many of the design details and content to later be applied to the more travel specific sites (see below).

Issues related to look and feel, image gallery presentation and navigation, responsive design, and backend social network integration is being worked on here.

Status: the first draft of the site is expected to be complete mid-December 2022.

Isla Gigantes

This will be our first real travel related site.   Focused on the Isla de Gigantes group of islands where we call home, the design will leverage off the work done on Connie’s Place.  Content specific to Isla Gigantes will be replicated from Connie’s Place.  We’re working on producing a visually focused approach to presenting regions however this site will expand upon that and blend in narratives associated with specific topics to present a more complete coverage of the area.

In addition to the UI issues related to accomplishing this goal, an additional challenge will be the lack of available written material on the region.  Even the best of the travel guides, such as Lonely Planet have little in-depth details about these islands.

We are using this site to develop a strategy and template for how we will research and present other areas of the Philippines on what will be our main travel site – IslandsPH.

Status: the first draft of this site is expected near the end of 2022, give or take a week or two.  The eventual site will reside at


This will be the first full travel site focused on all of the Philippines.  The initial design will be based on the Isla Gigantes site however this will be a full service travel site.  The website design will add upon the previous sites by making it a member site and incorporating travel partner areas.  This is a major design enhancement from the first travel sites.

While there is a lot of work to do on the new site, the main work is on the business side.  A comprehensive business plan needs to be completed and the vision implemented here.   The focus here is not only presenting a compelling reason for people to visit the area, but to combine that with partners and payment systems so that clients can easily book their travel plans and travel partners have additional income opportunities.   Credit card payments will be accepted through our new USA company.

Status: A lot of work needs to be done before this can go live.   Preliminary estimates for the first live version are around April, 2023.   The site will reside at


Philippine centric social networking site.   Still in the design phase.  The site will reside at

Teachers Network

The protoype for the Teachers Network site was complete in late 2021.  Since the move from China we’ve not had the time to focus on this site, which also broke during our site upgrade to PHP 8.  It is a member site with a focus on group and one on one learning.  Prior areas of focus was on collaborative writing and basic electronics and computer science training.

Status: this has been put on the back burner while we focus on getting the travel related business off the ground.   The plan is to migrate the site to a PHP 8 environment while providing additional enhancements in the process.   No timetable has been established.   The old site can be found at

ECE Designers

Electronic and Computing Engineering Design.   This is intended to be an e-learning and resource site.   The initial focus will be on IoT design, both on the hardware and software sides.   No timetable has been established.   The site will reside at